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An inbox review of Magic Factory 1/35 MZRZ D4 Ultralight Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle

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Nice! I’m really looking forward to the build review as well!



I am glad there are two kits! These are turning int a shelf queen. Normally i don’t complain that much about a kit unless it has a lot of PE . In this case I’l make an acception.
The instructions are barley readable for one. The placement of parts is poor. The first one is going to be my teaching kit. The second will be (hopefully) be my showing kit with the first in the background.
I bought the figures that go with this kit. beautifully made. You don’t need to assemble them either. Just piant and place. I’ve been modeling for several decades now and this is starting to be a bugger!


Any build photos to share, in this post or elsewhere?

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I have completed the first steps and so far I have had no problems with the instructions. Here is how it looks at this moment.

There are images of finished ones in Facebook, hopefully mine will be soon :slight_smile:


hope your luck is better than mine for what comes next!