Magic Factory USMC MRZR D4 Crew Set | Armorama™

This crew set provides a nice choice for US military vehicles, especially for Magic Factory's MRZR D4 Ultralight tactical all-terrain vehicle

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A very welcome addition and the USMC MRZRs would look so much better with a crew.

I really like how Magic Factory took photos of the built figures in the vehicles to show that their hands and feet actually do fit inside and that their hands do touch the objects that they’re supposed to touch.


Trisaw, good point about the contact with objects. Looking at these, I’m inclined to go with live resin figures and make any adjustments as necessary.


I just passed a semi truck flatbed with three of these strapped on while heading down the highway on Monday.

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@Newtonk I thought of that, but Live-Resin’s contributions are inconclusive unless experimented with. Live-Resin’s 1/35 heads and torsos tend to be a bit on the large size.

One can perhaps use Live-Resin’s vest gear and weapons for these figures.

The Magic Factory figures are purposely sculpted to the MRZRs so one can see that they are an excellent fit, and yes, they can be embellished with Live-Resin gear; however note that the seated figures have no gear whatsoever to interfere with their fit inside the MRZRs. Is that telling the modeler something? Hmmmmm… :melting_face:

Both drivers also appear to not be full seated. :thinking: