Magnifier 1/12 Ford Gt40

Hi all well this arrived today Admittedly I had to wait a while (I ordered it on 27 oct with my birthday money) Let me tell you it was well worth the wait and for 68 quid incredible value for money.

I knew there were some errors on it from watching other builds of it.

The quality of the kit has surprised me, it is incredible,

For instance look at the quality of the chrome

Unfortunately its wrong (not even sure if you can chrome an engine block) no matter 5 mind in bleach and that problem is cured

And im not sure why they went to the trouble of pre painting the top of the engine gold as that’s wrong too.


Hi all, in the reviews I’ve read of this kit it has said to ditch the kit supplied braided hoses as the fray and fall apart when cut, don’t, just spray them with your missus hairspray (don’t tell her though)

It seems a great kit but there is no ford moulds or insignia anywhere on the kit, I assume that’s a copyright issue to do with it originally being a trumpeter kit, just a small point but I thought I would mention it.

If you wanted you could always get decals for that.

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There is no distributor supplied in the GT40 kit, glass beads to the rescue
I’ve added the carb to the engine (I really like this kit the fit of everything is really good)

Coming together nicely Ken, neat work!

Cheers, D

Hi all the distributor is made and installed

Sprayed the floor pan

Tried the engine in it.

No idea where the coil is placed on this car so left an extra long ht coil lead.


As I posted in Nick’s update, my notifications just stopped working, so I’ve missed a lot of posts. Back to the old, slow, but tried & true method of actually checking the site manually.

Impressive work on the Ford V8. All the various chromed engine parts, as well as cast Aluminum ones really do look quite good.

The test fit of the engine on the chassis pan looks darn good if you ask me. As for the ignition coil’s location, it’s usually on the engine compartment bulkhead wall. Just not exactly sure where.


Hi Joel I’ve been shown pics with the coil in 3 different places i will go with whatever is easiest when I get to it.
Hi all more work on the GT40.

The Leds arrived and they really are micro.

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Back in the old days (late 1960’s and early 1970’s), it was really common to just attach things as needed in a handy place. I ran into the same type of issues with my 427 Cobra build including just where the coil should go.

Those pictures of the engine/transaxle installed in the tub look just tremendous. Your variation of metal tones really makes such a huge difference.

As you said, those LEDs are insanely small. With my eyes, I’d loose them for sure.


Trial of the body on the car.

I notice there is a nice cutout in the headlight housing for the LEDs and a nice round hole for the front indicators

Just don’t know where the rear indicators go, there only seem to be main lights and brake lights there.

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Just a heads up but there are two major things that need corrected in order for this kit to go together correctly…

First are the half shafts for the transmission. They are twice as long as they need to be… you are going to have to deal with that.

Second is that awful anti-roll bar that makes the “U” on top of the suspension. Those round disc ends are also about two time too large and will make closing the rear boot a bitch.

I can recommend a great build log that will show you some additional problems if you like. PM me and Ill will give you a link!

I’m in the process of buying the same kit but I also am going to use the KA Upgrade kit with lots more PE and other goodies and I am also going to buy replacement tyres from GY. Just wish someone made replacement wheels!

Will let you all know when that gets started!

What car are you doing? The Chris Amon/Bruce McLaren black #2 or the Ken Miles/Denny Hulme #1 Blue and Orange?

Thanks for the info, im doing No 2
More work on this great model.

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Hi all more work on this


You’re making excellent progress on the GT40 MkII. It’s hard to tell from the photos of the seats, but those million metal fasteners were mini vents for air circulation. It’s the only time I ever remember seeing a race car have them.


The engine & interior look fantastic!
Looking forward to additional updates.

Hi all I haven’t forgotten this just been waiting for better weather (spraying in the shed has been so cold) im pleased how the gloss has turned out on this.

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Started lighting up the GT40, just got to figure out how to make the indicators flash and how to add the fibre optics for lighting up the dashboard


The paint work really looks super smooth and consistent. I’d say that you certainly picked the right day out in the shed.

As for the lighting, I’m already impressed beyond words.


More work on this one.
More work on this one (the rear clam shell is just rested on there to see how it looks)


Looking fantastic!

Don’t be surprised if Grundy or Hagerty call and want to sell classic car insurance to you for that sweet ride.

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You’re making great progress. Actually, your 1/12 scale build is moving along at a faster pace then my 1/20 scale Tamiya Indy Lola.

So how did the wiring for all the lights go?