Making water with UV light?

Question. Anyone ever made water using the UV light…Where do you get the material from and how is it done…

It is called UV resin, you use UV light to cure it, it is more expensive than normal clear resin though.
Like this: ▷ UV Resin 17ml - Water Effect | - GSW

Too easy I want it to make splashes

People usually use cotton for that kind of effect.

Search “resin water diorama” on YouTube and you’ll get plenty of detailed videos.


I used a combination of teased-out cotton wool, sections cut from a transparent drinks cup, and PVA white glue to create the impression water splashes in my rally car diorama.



That is extremely impressive. Hats off!

You should have a look at Dioramag Vol 3, there is an interesting article about different techniques for rendering water.


Dentistry used UV to harden resin composites in the early 80’s. Halogen (blue) and now LED (also blue) curing lights are used. LEDS are more efficient and don’t cause skin cancer as UV lights can.
Not sure which resins are readily available that are sensitive to those wavelengths.

If you must use UV… wear gloves and protect your eyes regardless of which light source you employ.