Malta Panzers

IF they had actually made it to Malta in 42 would the crews of the couple of Beute KV-2s been Panzertruppen or artillery?

Given they were intended to be with Pz Abt zBV-66, a tank battalion, and the few pictures purported to be KV2 assigned to the unit show black uniforms, I would suggest panzer troops.

Thats what I was leaning towards, except with tropical uniforms if they had gone operational. (couple photos I’ve seen with crew were taken in Germany where they were rebuilding the KV-2s) Then I got to thinking they were more like a Stug.

@sluff any chance you’ll be making a diorama of this subject ?

No dio. No room in an 800sq/ft apt.(getting to the point of needing to rent another apt for the models.) Just adding crew to give some scale to that huge turret.

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