MAN LKW 5t MIL GL Truck UN Paint Scheme

Hi, All.

I am building Hobbyboss’ MAN LKW 5t MIL GL Truck in the UN paint scheme. I have not been able to find many pics of this truck, much less in the UN scheme. I am using the painting go-by provided by Hobbyboss, which shows a black chassis, white cab and body, and olive drab/khaki seats in the back of the truck (I wonder about those.) Would the floor have been painted white, or would it be wood color? If anyone has a few pics, I’d be very grateful. Thanks!

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Gary, the chassis was never black! The UN paint scheme should show a white chassis. Usually it is NATO Green or RAL 6031.

The floor of the cargo area of a UN MAN should also be white or RAL 6031 if no UN truck. You can paint the seats in the back white, RAL 6031 or even RAL 6014 Yellow Olive. This is my build of the old Revell kit in 2019.

If you have questions about this truck, feel free to ask me, I drove this beauty (yes, this one!) for 3 years during my service in the 1980’s. I try to help if I can.

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Thanks, Blackwidow!

I misspoke-- the color callout was actually for Steel, which looks black in the illustration. But you say it should be white. All white. That certainly makes it easier. I hate masking!
Your truck looks great! It really turned out fabulous!

Sorry, meant to attach this.

Gary the parts on the cargo area of the HobbyBoss are not the standard parts for a troop/cargo carrier. HobbyBoss did a rare engineer group carrier. I think that some AM company did the troop seats for the troop carrier version.
Here some pics of the plain cargo area.

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This configuration was not used in Somalia. BTW the chassis is not black, rather black-brown.

Thanks, HermannB. Great pics!

Cabin Interior

Ooooh! Working on interior now! Thanks!