Marder I hulls

were all Marder I’s built off the French Hotchkiss H39 hull? I seem to remember reading that a few were built on the Panzer II hull (may well be out in left field on this)

" Between July and August 1942, 170 Marder Is were built on the Lorraine chassis. Later, several other French and Polish tanks were used as the conversion base for the Marder I, including the Hotchkiss H39 and FCM 36. These conversions were also completed at Baustokommando Becker , though fewer of these were built. The Marder Is initially served in infantry divisions on the Eastern Front and met with good success. They later made up a significant component of the armoured fighting vehicles of the reformed 21st Panzer Division in Normandy."

well that confirms what I was told. Tamiya does one, and it looks OK, but who am I to know for sure. I ran across a blue print to scratch build the top side of one, and somewhere around the house I have a Hotchkiss arty observation track. Might do the Tamiya and save a lot of work. Did anybody do a Marder II? I have a Marder IIIH and an M from Tristar in the stash.

Marder I - Tamiya, Panda, RPM make the Lorraine version (they are listed by ease of construction/accuracy) Bronco and Trumpeter make the Hotchkiss version, ICM makes the FCM version
Marder II - Dragon, Tamiya (Dragon is much better), Bronco and Alan/maqette for Marder II D (Bronco is worlds better)
Marder III - Tamiya; Marder III H - Tristar/Hobby boss, Dragon, Mono (Mono is Dragon with extra pieces and 3dPrinted parts so best value for money, but quality wise they are all close); Marder III M - Hobby Boss/Tristar, Dragon, Tamiya.