Marder III intel

2 questions regarding the Marder III (76.2 mm PaK-39(r) ) ,(1) Did anyt of the SS Panzer Divs at 3d Kharkov have any? Seen a couple photos of III Hs, allegedly there, but no reference as to unit. (2) Where the ones assigned to 15th Panzer over sprayed with RAL 8000 or 8020? Switch took place in March 42 (with notice to use paint in stock first.) . The Marders arrived between May and Nov. 42. Photos I’ve seen look like they were shipped in Dunkelgrau and painted on arrival. Still trying to figure out which scheme to go for.

Can’t be sure about question 1. There is a well known film clip of LAH parading through Paris in 1942, during their refit as a Panzergrenadier division. This shows Stug IIIs followed by Self propelled anti tank guns. These are the 7.62cm PaK36 (r) but they are “auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II Ausf D (Sd kfz 132)”. This was a version of the Panzer II which had four large roadwheels rather than the usual smaller five. The suspension was different too. When the Panzer II became obsolete as a gun tank the chassis was turned over to SP mounts (some were turned into Flammpanzer) as per the 38T. In the old Almark “Waffen SS in Action” photograph album, there is a picture of a Marder III Ausf H from the rear captioned as taking part in the capture of “Peiper’s Bridge”, so presumably attached to LAH, but of course this would be a PaK 40 armed vehicle. All these vehicles appeared to be Panzergrau. Can’t comment on “Das Reich” or “Totenkopf” vehicles.
Can’t help with question 2, as with 15th Panzer you are referring to DAK practice, but I’d suspect you would be right about them being shipped in Panzergrau and repainted in theatre.

Here is a link to a collection of photos of Marder Is, IIs, and IIIs. You’ll have to do your own photo interpretation as to what colors they are due to b&w photography

Marder photos