Massive Model Railroad - 400 Bridges - 30ft Mountains - You Have to See to Believe

Video tour of Northlandz an amazing miniture wonderland in New Jersey.

400 bridges

30+ ft tall mountains

Must be seen to be believed. The building was sold in 2019 to a new owner for warehouse space. In a twist of fate the new owner decided to keep the model train road and museum open.

Northlandz art museum looks like the ultimate model train enthusiast adventure. Includes real out door working train ride. They also host events.


These bridges though
:fearful: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Anti-gravity :bridge_at_night: :foggy: :bridge_at_night: versions, Area 51 technology in use…wink

There’s a “fantasy” component to it for sure.


Miniatur Wunderland in Hamburg

with their own 5 minute video


Might we call them “ hinged bridges “ ?


Hinged bridges, designed ny an unhinged engineer ?


Both are insanely impressive …


The German one is bigger, more imaginative, and packed with what one presumes is state-of-the-art tech constantly upgraded. It demands and deserves all the respect it gets. NorthlandZ is someone’s home garden-shed layout that has grown beyond all reason. I love that bits of it don’t make sense, that’s the difference between an individual’s dream and a corporate project.




“ once the weight gets on it that will make it stay “


I was going to not say anything but I must agree with Robin, those repetitive arched bridge trusses are absurd. At the end of each of the arches there should be supporting piers going down to the ground, which there are not.

I believe in Model Railroading that structurally correct bridges are required. You might extend the span somewhat in order to bridge a larger gap (artistic license) but the ones seen here are ridiculous. Even the huge black steel trestle is a bit absurd having both a multi-legged trestle below the track as well as unnecessary trusses rising about the track.

p.s. As one might expect the bridges on the German built model railroad are correct.


For those on you living in the mid-west USA I would also offer the EnterTrainment Junction, 30,000+ sq. ft. G scale layout located on the North side of Cincinnati. (Just off I-75 near the I-275 -Northside- interchange.)

This amazing layout allows the visitor to “walk a path” that starts with the Civil War and moves historically up thru the hey day of US steam and diesel railroading, culminating sometime in the 50s-60s with a full sized modern city with fully lighted and detailed sky scrapers rising above the viewer’s head and even a 30’ model of the Space Needle used to disguise a central ceiling column in the middle of the city.

FYI - I am not associated with EnterTrainment Junction in any way but I do highly recommend a visit.*


Have yet to stop by Entertrainment though I’ve driven past it dozens of times. Next time I head to the Wright-Patterson museum, I plan top make time to stop by the train place.

Glad the new owner kept Northlandz. A flight of fancy to be certain, but I concur about the bit of nonsensical whimsy. I reckon the builder was inspired by John Allen’s Gorre & Daphetid Railroad.

Check out their webpage and view the impressive video of the layout - and keep reminding yourself “this is all G Scale!”

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