Masterbox German and US WWII Figures | Armorama™

Masterbox presents two new figure sets, German military men, 1944-1945. Das Maschinengewehr ist dort and US Paratroopers, 1944

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Looks nice but I’d rather see close ups of the actual figures. Those paratroopers are pretty old, one of their early releases. I hope MB has improved the molds.

I agree. I have one of their sets of German/ Russian hand to hand combat sets and used it in a diorama and they are nice, just changed out two heads. Some other sets not so much.

Just don’t paint the paratroopers as shown in the artwork, The 101st did not wear the US flag at Normandy.

Yes that seems to be a common misconception.

These are not their best sets for sure.

Yeah and it’s difficult to tell with just the CAD images.

Another set with a pointing German. Yay.

I know lol… should be outlawed lol !

I notice that the German NCO talking to the ever-present pointing guy is posed almost exactly like the NCO in DML’s German Panzerjagers, kit # 6058: German Panzerjägers, Dragon 6058 (1997). Jus sayin’

And for memory I didn’t use the old set when they first came out as the paras have the 45 pattern jump uniform and not the 44 for Normandy…so they need to change the box art and date it 45…!