Any tips for assembling these…I keep breaking the track pins!

Their not as daunting as it may seem. Have done many sets without problems. Once you get the hang of handling the pins it’s pretty easy. Don’t worry about loosing/breaking the pins, they give you plenty. Good luck.

Thanks… I will work up the courage

I can’t remember if the holes are drilled all the way through/across. I wonder if using a pin to “align” the tracks then insert the 1st pin would help. It’s just a thought that came to mind.

I will try this…thanks

The last set I did (one of their T-34 track sets), I just pinned with brass wire pins like with Spade Ace or Fruil tracks. I use brass beading wire.

I straighten out a piece maybe 18" long by rolling it with a metal ruler on a smooth, hard surface. I’ll pin two track links together with this long piece of wire, then cut it flush with fingernail clippers and move on to the next pair. I don’t even bother trying to cut individual pins any more to put tracks together. The brass wire also will take any chemical coloring (Blacken It or “burnishing fluids”) applied to it with the tracks (unlike aluminum or stainless steel wire or the resin pins).

I saved all of the little Master Club resin pins to use as bolt and rivet details on some future project.

Thanks for this…

I’ve built quite a few sets and sometimes you don’t have plenty of the pins, I tweezer launched only a handful and still came up way short on a couple sets.

I just stretched some sprue, cut it into short lengths and used that for the rest of the links and it was fine.

I really don’t care for their insistence on not using all metal parts for tracks.