Masters pages

Just food for thought.
I have seen " Masters Pages " where a page is dedicated to a " Master".
The idea behind it is to have all of that person’s builds in one place as a form of reference and I feel that it would encourage more tutorial content as well as a increase in site traffic.
If this can be done, then there are a couple people I would like to suggest . ( They will be suggested if this is possible)

Two questions/comments

  1. Who decides who’s worthy?

We have some very prolific users who are still in the apprenticeship stage and some “masters” who only post occasionally. The opposite is also true.

What are you thinking for criteria and who would be the judges?

  1. What’s stopping anyone now?

Anyone can start a thread to feature their works. Torsten’s comes to mind immediately.

I’ll admit I don’t really understand how this site works across and/or in conjunction with the 5 genre specific platforms.

I’m not opposed per se, I love seeing photo features and deep diving some users back catalogue, it’s the mechanics I’m not sold on.


@Canmedic . Don . The primary criteria in my opinion would be for that person to be nominated by their peers. Secondly they would need to demonstrate a high level of proficiency.
A good example would be one of our younglings who has demonstrated a very high level of proficiency . ( we all know who he is without mentioning names)
Another is a certain person who shall also remain nameless , that individual has demonstrated a very high level of proficiency, with a certain North Africa build that has a extreme level of scratch work .


Works for me. I guess ultimately it’ll be up to the admin.

I think it would be nice to let people show off properly sometimes though. Even the most spectacular stuff on here does sometimes get buried.

@Canmedic. Don. Another point is it is easy to go to that person’s page and look at a specific project from a reference view

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That is the point exactly

I like the idea, a ton of guys on here are good at various subject but we don’t always get to see it. I’d love to see someone who enjoys building ships, planes and tanks and i can find all their work co located in one forum.


@Gregory_J_Copplin . That sums it up nicely

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