Matchbox LRDG - A classic done!

One of the hardest things about finally getting your hands on a “grail” kit is deciding if you’re good enough to build it. Well, at least that’s what I find. I used to always worry that I’d somehow screw it all up and be worse off than when I started. However, the more I model, the more I realize that grail kits are the ones I really should be building first. I mean, what’s the point in having something you’ve longed for if it’s just going to sit in a box, right?

A perfect example is the Matchbox 1/76 LRDG set. I’ve wanted this Orange Range two-vehicle set since even before I became obsessed with Matchbox armour. Of course, once that bug took hold, getting this went to an even higher priority. I never had luck finding one, until my good friend Alan sent me one, out of the blue! Thanks again, man!

I couldn’t resist the siren call of all that original Matchbox box art and those three-colour pieces, and decided that, no matter how it came out, I’d feel a lot better getting a chance to build this one! So, off I went, and now it’s all done.

Check out this awesome little blast from the past below.

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out; given I’m not an “armour guy”, and I just kept it simple to what was in the box, I think it looks good. At least I didn’t ruin it!


I’ve had this set on my list for a long time too Adam, but have yet to find one at a price less than my right arm…You have done a fine job.

I am about to start the Monty’s Caravan set for the Antique Antics group build. I will be doing some scratch building for that - the kits ask to be given some love and update…

Thanks for sharing.

For some reason, I’ve never seen the Revell Germany version of this one, either, so I was sure pleased when Alan sent me his! Now I only have three Matchbox armour kits to go until I have all of them that I want; the M24, the Comet and the Morris Quad/18lber/Jeep. I know there’s the Challenger and Churchill AVRE bridger, but those are single kits, just bigger. I like the “playsets” best!

Have fun with the Monte’s Caravan! I got that a few years ago when it was repopped, and even in single-colour plastic, it looks awesome. That base… so much detail!

I remember building that kit as a kid, I still have some parts in the spares box.

thanks for the trip down memory lane

According to scalemates Revells re-release was more than a decade ago, so we are still in for a re-pop anytime soon… that´s what I´m hoping for that is.

Otherwise: Nice build, thank you very much for sharing! I like those oldies a lot and they aged quite well IMO.

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I honestly hope they repop the Morris Quad/Jeep first. It’s the last of the “true” orange series I need.

I agree that these kits are great and do age well. I guess fun is fun, regardless of when you have it!