Matilda Training Tank

I’ve been wanting to build a British training tank scenario for a while, originally trying using the Tamiya Cromwell, but the kit was too much an oddball. I did get the Osprey book on the Matilda, which actually was a less successful design and was definitely used largely for training. I even remember visiting Britain in 1999 and seeing a Matilda tank with a sign saying it was never used for combat.

The problem being how such tanks were used in training and whether they went through villages.

Matilda I or Matilda II? They were two very different tanks.

I’m thinking Matilda III.

Matilda IIA (or Matilda III) fought well in the Desert War but was withdrawn from front line service about 1942. Probably would have been used for training purposes after that. Don’t know if training exercises would have taken them through villages, but don’t see why not.

Their armor was great but their guns were poor by 1942. Ironically the Australians found them very useful when fighting Japanese military.

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