Max Wunsche and Georg Izecke - Alpine 1/35

Hi, this my poor interpretation of the Obersturmführer Max Wunsche and (what I believe) his aid Hauptsturmführer Georg Isecke figures during the Normandy Campaign. I was postponing to do this work for a better moment but, ageing, lockdown and diseases are coming too fast so the best moment is right now. I put them in a diorama base I used as background to take pictures. Hope you like it.

The original head bandaged Max with Rudolf Ribbentrop, son of the Reich’s Foreign Ministry and CO of the 3th Armor Co of the division’s Panzer Regiment. This shot was taken just after the ill fated attack on Norrey-en-Bessin (June 9th, 1944).

Thanks a lot.


They came really good bro ! Give yourself some credit

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you are selling yourself far far to short … they look fantastic with a great backdrop as well.

Great job all around. Very very nice looking scene.

wow !! Very very good job and interesting scene. keep on the good work / Micke

Thank you fellows for the kind words!

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Mercy if that’s your poor work don’t ever show the good stuff, otherwise some of us might have to give up & switch to hand-to-hand basket-weaving. Top quality everything, my only problem is it’s all looks so vacuumed & deep-cleaned, I’d be chucking a sack of dust over it. But each to their own, to steal an aphorism I might not agree with the clean look but I’ll fight like hell to defend it, especially when it looks this good :tumbler_glass:


Hi, Martin! You’re certainly right in your point. It’s too much clean all around. I will take this on mind on forthcoming projects. Thanks a lot!

Wow! Bravo! I especially like his camouflage jacket, TOP! /Erik

Thanks, Erik! :smile: