MAZ crane finally done 🥴

Wow!!! This is a masterpiece, absolutely amazing. I love the blue cloth, so realistic. The build itself is very realistic. As ReluctantRenegade said, I can smell the oil and grease!!!


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As always - reasoned!

Amazing work! Quality weathering.
The only thing is that I didn’t like the removal of rivets on the cab at all.
Well, in terms of the composition of the aftermarket, this model is close in price to this car, which is sold for $59,000.

Rivets? Cab?
Truck cab or crane cab?
Should there be rivets and the kit does not contain them
does the kit show rivets should not be there?
Hss the producer forgotten rivets or does the model builder need to remove incorrect rivets?

My mother told me as a child: “Learn English.” And I didn’t listen to her.
Truck cab riveting. They should be, but I don’t like their highlighting.

This weathering technique (wash) means that the wash is completely removed, remaining in the most secluded places. There should be no spots around.
Look at this material. This is a copy, I can’t find the original site. These people are professionally engaged in modeling.

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There are a lot of opinions about the “fashion” when it comes to weathering.
I would tend to agree with you about excessive highlighting.

Other model builders call my models boring (скучный) and they are 100% right :rofl:
Ever heard about Mirko Bayerl? He personally told me that my models were boring and I was so proud :grin:
Each builder has his/her own taste.

Listening to mother is important!

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Yes. This is just my personal opinion.

I’ve been told that wash is not visible on my models. And for me it’s good.

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Incredible use of weatherning over yellow -thank you-
please describe your technique…


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I start by ligthning the yellow colour with white, so it look faded.
Then I use a wash with Windsor & Newton burnt umber and pin wash all the small details using black.
The rust is various AK/MIG products.

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now I seriously like your work. As in very seriously like your work Sir!

I have a very deep back ground in the field of hydraulics, and this builder pretty much got the hoses and lines dead right. Even the bulk head fittings that connect the hoses to steel lines looked like he had access to a catalog. A couple of the cables could have less slack in it, but have seen them sag before. The tag line hook attachment was a very nice touch, and pretty much spot on ( a small cable used to control the item being picked up so it doesn’t swing around and fall). Just great workmanship!


That looks amazingly realistic and very cool, original, and well worn. Thumbs way up! :grinning:

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Thank you Robin for the 8x8 steering diagrams. This is a battle for realism that I have fought with every 8x8 I have built. (Trying to wrap my head around this geometry!)