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Item no. - CH46(51046)

Scale - 1/24th 

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I will need to track this one down now. The two kits I have are both curbside kits.

And I’m also keeping an eye out for the Police version.

Cheers, D

I like the look of the Marathon one.
Andy :slight_smile:

Indeed! I can see a multi-build project coming up once I finish the '57 Nomad, and the BMW 570 Dual Build, and the '54 Corvette, and the '57 Ragtop, and the Western Star . . . . . . . :thinking: :unamused: :rofl:

By which time Hasegawa would have re-released several more times :joy:.
Andy :slight_smile:

Undoubtedly so! There are several releases already with Anime style figures in them, but these don’t interest me.

It’s very interesting that Hasegawa would go to the trouble of releasing this kit with these changes to the body mould, plus extra engine parts, when the car itself is relatively unknown.

Cheers, D

I must admit I had never heard of it until I did the news story.
Andy :slight_smile:

Just saw your post about the Haseagawa Mazdas. Never knew that they made these kits, but since it’s not my cup of tea, I never really paid much attention to this type of car kit.

I do have one nagging question. Why are these car posts appearing in Site Content and not the regular Car section of AutoModeler?


Because they are getting published as news/reviews/features on the main content site so automatically get posted in the “site content” bit of the AutoModeler forum.
Unfortunately its not like the old forum where you could dictate what area the site content could go.
Andy :slight_smile:

I should have known. Another of the many differences between the old and the new sites.