Mec Model Still Running?

I’m looking for a decal item that was produced/sold through Mec Model web site, but the site doesn’t appear to show any activity and of course what I’m seeking shows as out of stock.
DE-HO02 M107-M110 decals is the sheet I’m looking for, in case there are any “extra” sheets floating through the Armorama universe.

I don’t know about Mec, but Star Decals showed some upcoming sheets for both the M107 and M110.

jwest21, you were correct on STAR-Decals. There are several self-propelled gun sheets for Viet Nam showing as November releases, but the US Stores don’t seem to have them yet. STAR web site shows the new releases, and I just placed an order for what I needed. Thanks for the heads-up!

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Anytime. FYI, there are some on Ebay located in Canada, if you need any others.