Meng A7V Build Blog

Any interest in a build blog on Mengs A7V? I ordered some 3D printed engines to go inside.


There is always something to learn from a build blog, so I say
go for it.
I will follow for sure.

I’ll follow. I have one in the stash.

I have a half built Tauro A7V collecting dust in my hobby room. Lots of scratch building on the exterior and interior. No kits existed back when I started it. I know it’s not up to the Meng kit’s quality but I did invest in several books including Rainer Strasheim’s hardcover book. I also wrote a letter to the curator at the Queensland museum regarding signal lights. I read in one of the books the tank commander was able to signal each firing position to open fire. The curator denies the existence of any lights. Maybe he thought I meant general illumination for the crew. Or maybe Mephisto didn’t have them.
Also… I changed the side armor to the Krupp multi plate design. That required creating the rivet pattern on tracing paper and transferring location holes onto the kit sides. Each rivet location was opened up with a pin vise and the rivet glued into place. I got quite burned out on this… hence the dust accumulation.
Still, I plan to eventually build the Meng version. I’m a masochist.

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Build logs are my favorite part of modeling forums. If anything, there aren’t enough of them. Plus this kit is on my wishlist, and has tempted me a couple times recently.

I would love to see a log of this kit!

I’d follow a build blog on an A7V


Sure ,I have on in the stash for quite awhile,will follow with interest

Thanks for all the replies guys, I shall get cracking on this shortly!



I will follow this with great interest. Got one in the stash.

Sure. I’d certainly follow one.

Yes! Would be great to see a build.

Yes, I’m interested in a blog on this kit, too. I’m surprised at the amount of information there is available on this vehicle, and some of the cool markings and conversions, too. Panzershop offer a conversion for ‘Heidi’ that had machine guns at each corner, complete with decals. Ok, you can start now.

I’m interested.
If it helps get the creative juices flowing, I’ve posted my photos of Mephisto from when it was exhibited in the Australian War Memorial for a short while on scalemates.
Link: Australian War Memorial - A7V Mephisto () by BigSplashBear - Albums

The Australian War Memorial has several articles as well. As an example, check out:
If the link doesn’t work immediately then open and search for mephisto

Also…from where can you order the 3d printed engines?

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Thanks for the links! They should come in useful. As for the engines, I found them on EBay, 1:35 Scale German A7V Tank Motor - Fits Meng Kit # TS-017 - Resin 3D Prints | eBay

We’ll see how they look when they arrive.


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So my engines arrived today, they look pretty good. A bit hard to see so I will post some better pics once I get them cleaned up and primed


And first steps, 30 sets of tiny road wheels…


Thankfully, you won’t have to paint little rubber tires around them!

Nope, no rubber to paint thankfully!

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