Meng M911 HET A/M Wheels/Tires?

Are there any aftermarket wheels/tires sets for the 1/35 Meng M911 HET and trailer? I don’t see anything under Scalemates or Shapeways. The fit of the kit tires to the rims is very weak, and the tires are prone to popping off the rims.

Meng makes AM wheels.

Could you please provide a product number or link to this set of Meng wheels for their M-911? As far as I am aware Meng does not make tires for this kit. They make tires for a number of their kits, but not this one. But I stand to be corrected!

I don’t know of anyone that has done a set of tires for it. You could try to contact Miniman Factory and see if they would sell you a set of tires from their full resin kit of the C-HET.

I stand corrected!
This must be the only kit of theirs that does not offer AM wheels.
I’m sure that google will provide info about other companies that do.

Unfortunately, no one makes AM resin wheels/tires for the M911 C-HET.

Maybe you could ask Miniman Factory if they would sell you the resin wheels from their own HET kit separately ?


Great response! Even if I already mentioned it in my post… :slightly_smiling_face:


LOL! :joy:

But you did provide a link which I didn’t…

Thanks for the Miniman Factory info. I have sent an inquiry as to whether the wheels/tires are available separately, and whether they will fit the Meng axles.

Proceed with caution in dealing with Miniman Factory. I placed an order with them on November 1, 2021. I have not received the goods yet. They claim it was shipped; but, have not provided a shipping company or tracking number. They are no longer responding to emails.