Meng MK IV Hermaphrodite

nothing special but just starting to do some detail painting on the mark iv, started before I joined the forums.

AK interactive khaki paint with shadows and highlights in classic Verlinden style
tracks in black/grey with Humbrol gunmetal drybrush and light rust wash, they will be muddy so no great need for too much work
same style on all my metal parts generally
wood is simply yellow base with raw umber oil paint that is then slowly removed with tissue and then a totally dry brush in a sort of reverse dry brush to create the grain effect, will be pigmented to matt when oil dry enough as its looks a bit too ‘good’ for a wood beam on a tank !!
then simply drybrush with humbrol khaki slightly lightened to pick up all the bolts and edges

rust on exhaust next, wont do much chipping but will pick out details like the tow eyes etc than a simple oil wash to define before I start the mud process

1 question if anyone can answer, what do I paint the gun barrels please,

pictures with a phone so sorry for poor quality


Looks great! The crew obviously took good care of the wood beam polishing and waxing daily. :grinning:

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