Meng T-72 B3 under new management

After being ill for sometime I wanted to do something to get my modelling mojo back and this is it.
Started with the most painful bit - the tracks.

There is a jig supplied but you can only do a few at a time and there is 81 needed for each side. I had to pull apart some tracks after assembly because I had not trimmed the track ends properly as can be seen in picture five.

Wheels are straightforward with polycaps trapped in the middle.

The hull was started next, fit was good with some minor flash on some parts, possibly because some of the sprues are seven years old?

The complete lower hull was primed with Mr Surfacer 1500 thinned with lacquer thinner.
A dark grey was brushed on the tyres.

I used a 50/50 mix of Tamiya matt black and flat red as a base for the tracks. AK Real Colors RC098 Modern Russian Green lightened with RC078 APC Interior Green was applied as the base camouflage.

The upper hull was added and I left off the mine clearing equipment to make handling/painting easier.

The turret was up next.

Followed by more priming.

Then some pre-shading.

More green.

Then the fun began with the weathering and it was finished.


OK Cats, the mojo appears to be fully back and thats a brilliant build matey … it looks outstanding, painting is great and the final weathering really superb … outstanding return and glad you are better now :+1:

was that a supplied jig for the axle arms ?


Thanks John.
Still not 100% well. GP sending me for chest x-ray because I have had a cough since Xmas.
Yes the jig is for the alignment of the axles.


That is a nice touch … Hope the X ray goes ok and they get to the bottom of it :+1:


Hope you get better soon but the mojo looks good. :+1:


That’s a lot of excellent mojo! What an outstanding build! Fantastic paint job. Hope you’re up to 100% soon.


That is a fantastic job, especially done when sick! I have been trying to recuperate after suffering a broken hip and shattered knee over two years ago. My modeling mojo has abandoned me but I keep working on them. Excellent job!



Thank you, I empathise with your medical issues.
I triple fractured my ankle some time ago and now cold weather really is a problem.

looks like you had fun. From some of the tracks I’ve been troubled with these look a little more managable.