MENG Tortoise

As not able to airbrush, another build, second one of these,


Just the tracks and find a smoke mortar barrel


It’s a big old chunk of metal that one… Looks good though :+1:

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Went inside the real one a few years ago, its compact inside, as you would know.

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haha… everything we use is compact inside … first time I went in an M1 thought I had gone inside the Tardis lol


7 crew in that space, we only had 5 in and that was tight, quick look around and estamated shell storage, how could it have two loaders as well,
no BV space terrible planning🤣

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Haha yeah but I like to think that compactness is because there is an awful lot of armour between the insidey bit and the outsidey bit.

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So true… And I know we both keep going back to it, but the later cold war wagon like our beloved Chieftain may of not been the prettiest…at the time it’s the only one I would of wanted to be inside if the crap had hit the fan…

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