Meng TS040 Magach 6B discontinued?

Hey does anyone know if the Meng Model TS040 1/35 Israel MBT Magach 6B Gal Batash has been discontinued? I happened to be on their website today and it is no longer listed there?

Hey got an answer from Meng itself! Seems that when they run fully out of stock and sales do not warrant another run, they are removed from the website, but once another run begins, they put it back on the website.

As a guy who has spent his career in planning and procurement, I totally understand and commend Meng for this method of production and their open communication!

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Bruce, I think that is out-freaking-standing that you posted here and got an answer from Meng “himself”. What fantastic PR! More model companies should be like this.
The reason that kits go in and out of production is simple. A company may have, say, 50 kits in their catalog. They have the molds for every kit. However, they only have 20 injection molding machines on the shop floor. These machines cost millions each. So, they have to swap molds in and out, producing 20 kit varieties at a time. Eventually, the kit you’re looking for will make it’s way back into a Meng injection molding machine and you will find it for sale again.

They show in stock at Andy’s Hobby HQ.

Kudos to Meng for replying and explaining :clap:

That’s top notch!