Merkava Mk. 1 Hybrid Crowd Control | Armorama™

Presenting Rabin Thaver and his astonishing work on the Takom Merkava 1 Hybrid on crowd control duty. Named after the ancient Hebrew war chariot, Israel’s Merkava tank was forged by experience on the battlefield as well as the painful political realities facing the Jewish state. The Merkava Mk.1 saw combat in Lebanon in 1982 and began featuring upgrades which ultimately led to the more advanced Mk. II. These interim tanks became unofficially known as ‘Mk.I Hybrid’.

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I really like the build and subject matter. This is a scene that can be taking from any news story or magazine picture.

The balance of the diorama is perfect and isn’t overly done.

I love this scene; from its simple but effective story to the beautifully done Merkava and the kids throwing rocks and the barriers. Great animation in the kids. Excellent job