Hi Jim

Darren has requested some images of my logo and desk top glue holder. Could you please forward them to him.
I could only attach 5 images if mor are required please contact me on the email below

Kind Regards


Colorful Infinite Logo Design

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Hi Darren
Post above mine contains photos.
Maybe consider establishing a direct e-mail contact for more efficient communication?

Hi Stephen, Darren has been having login issues lately …

@Uncle-Heavy This is quite a strange post? Something went wrong here?

3dsg is trying to send photos/images to Darren and was asking Jim for assistance.
I was trying to get them connected.

Okay… It seemed a bit out of place…

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Hi I have just been trying to send Darren the images.

Hopefully he will get them as emailed to publishers and did send correctly.

Darren could only contact me through ebay. So we wasn’t able to exchange email address through there.

Hopefully he will get the pictures and email address



Hello All
Sorry about this but Ebay made it impossible to provide each other with E-mail addresses and that is the reason for this post. The situation has been overcome.

Don’t worry about it.
You could delete the whole topic if you feel like it now that it has served its purpose