Metal gun barrel and balance?

I’d like to use a metal barrel in my T-55. Should I be concerned about balance with it? Or is there a need to put some counterweight somewhere (like in the back of the turret)?

I wouldn’t think so but you could always add it to the inside of the turret rear if necessary .

Due to the fixed mantlet cover it should not be an issue as the gun shouldn’t need to be moveable.
I used the Aber Barrel in my Tamiya Tiran 5 for the T54-T55 build and there were no issues with the 105mm so I expect there should be no probs with the Russian 100mm gun barrel.


Which kit? The Miniart kits have a support arm you can glue to the gun breech, plus they have a solid gun mantlet.

I am currently trying to figure this out with my archer though :frowning: barrel is far too heavy, but the open top makes it hard to hide a counter weight

The miniart kit. I guess I’m wondering if the turret is positioned to the side whether it would cause the whole model to tip over. I don’t have the gun barrel yet, so I don’t really know how heavy it is…

Hmm, good question. Is it the interior kit?

If so it should be fine, it’s a fairly hefty model. It also has a very low Center of gravity being slightly taller than a stug

I dont think you will have any kind of issues with the barrel concerning the weight of it and the turret position.

Which barrel did you get? Is it designed for the specific kit?

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Yeah, what Kallithea said.
Don’t overthink this one.
You should not have an issue.

Thanks everyone. I haven’t picked up the barrel yet. It’s the Aber barrel made specifically for the kit. Can’t seem to find it in the US at the moment. If it’s not available when I start to build, I’ll order from Poland…

Barrels are turned aluminum (or occasionally brass), not steel. They weigh an ounce, maybe two, max. They will not tip over a model, regardless of orientation.

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