Mi-4 In Progress - Old Polish Hound

Finally got some bench time and did a little work on the Mi-4. So far there is more white styrene in the build than there are kit parts.


Wow Chris your progress looks very impressive :smiley:

Thank you . Its a fun build so far

Looking nice. Great job so far.

Thanks Brother. About to close up the fuselage soon

This is what happens when I am left without adult supervision. Kits get cut up and all kinds of extra scratch goodies find their way in


Superb detail

Agreed :smiley:


No aftermarket was harmed in the making of this kit.
Way too many scratch built parts to even count or list.
I was the happy recipient of this kit due to a fantastic individual in this form that sold it to me. It languished on the shelf for a couple of months while I was doing some other things, AKA super secret project. This is trumpeters 1/35th Hound. Being a larger scale made the scratch work easier for sure The kit is an absolute dream to build yes there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be corrected and added but for me that is part of the fun in the build.


It came out looking really great. Excellent job on it. It looks just like a few I saw sitting on a back section of Baghdad Airport rotting away.

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@HeavyArty . Thank you Brother. It has a insanely fun build

Amazing finish Chris! The detail is awesome and the paint is beautifully applied.
I have one tiny suggestion though, maybe add a little bit of spilled dry fuel on the tarmac?

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Ezra thank you brother. The fuel stains are a good idea. Even though I call it done , I will look it over again in a couple days to make adjustements

Fantastic work all round Chris, really enjoyed following your progress :smiley:

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@litespeed . Thank you. It really was a fun build .
I have been working on some super secret squirrel kinda stuff , but I am finding some regular bench time.
I believe my next crazy build is going to be the Maz 537 G

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