Mig-29SMT - Zvezda's Hunchback done!

Some kits are a lot more work than you think they’re going to be. Sometimes, it turns out to be worth it, and other times it turns into a bloody nightmare you can’t wait to be done. Then, just once in a while, both happen, and a nightmarish kit turns out okay in the end.

A perfect example of that is the 1/72 Zvezda Mig-29SMT. It’s a beautifully detailed kit, but it’s shockingly overengineered, and like Dio says in “The Devil Cried”, it’s not “smart, just clever”. It fought me almost from the get-go, but I will say that, now that it’s done, it does look pretty darned good.

Is it worth the struggle? I’d say yeah, but you can check it out and let me know what you think!


Looks awesome!
Great job overcoming all that!


It’s a case of “What doesn’t kill you” I guess! It is pretty when it’s done, I must say…

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