Military Parade Paris 2022

France National holiday parade, July, 14 th.

from the 1h 45 min mark, one can see mainly wheeled FV, most of them in the new tan/brown color.


Any info about the names of the new colors?

The brown is called Terre de France (France earth).


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At 2:06:31~ mark, you see the marching on a big pile of horse poop… Felt bad for those soldiers… :smiley:

The joke aside, the new rifles shown are HK416 replacing FAMAS, right?

Thank you-any matching colors out there yet in the modeling world?

I have to say that whilst I was always a fan of disruptive pattern camouflage on vehicles, be it the Brit black/green scheme, or NATO-flage (let alone MASSTER - far, far ago), in my experience, most vehicles end up looking like today’s French versions after a couple of days on exercise. Perhaps the French are on to something?

Note to parsimonious British Civil Servants - go on, get your calculators out now.

Yes the French army has begun introducing the HK rifle for 5 years or so.


One the 1h 40 min markj, there a group of servicemen with light blue shirts. Do they carry HK UMP?
I wonder whats all the units are?

They belong to the French Customs service ( = Douane in French) and they’re equipped with H&K UMP9 …


Merci H.-P… Not a good time for smugglers?

If I would paint it, I would go with Tamiya XF52 Earth Brown.

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I guess this is the best match for the moment although I’ve never tried it yet.


Those who serve on Customs service patrol boats also used .50 Cal Browings… :wink:

Custom Patrol Boats? Sounds interesting. Do you have pics?

Maybe a good reason to try it on Tiger Model announced Leclerc?

Hi guys,

Few photos taken early before the parade and just after
VAB Bison






Old one but good one GBC180 Lot 7

PEB with Engineer boat


EBG SDPMAC (Israeli Carpet system)



Great pictures - but Dear God from a modelling perspective it does look a tad dull; that said, as I indicated earlier, to be honest, most vehicles on exercise end up looking like this in any case:

Of course, another train of thought is that the French Army is enduring the predations of their own equivalent of Civil Servants’ parsimony. Hmmm. Discuss - or better not.

Vedette Garde-Cote “Sokan” (DF-35)

Vedette Garde-Cote “Kan An Avel” (DF-36)

Vedette Garde-Cote Type VGC-28 “Vent d’Amont” (DF-26)

Vedette “Orsuro” (DF-49) :

Patrouilleur garde-côtes “Jacques Oudart Fourmentin” (DF P1)

Full list :


Merci Pierre, that Jaguar look waaaaaay cool.

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