Minart BRC 40 question

I’m building a Miniart Bantom BRC 40 and it’s time for weathering. I primed and then gave a layer of hairspray. Lifted off some of the paint. The usual technique. Now a wanted to take is a step further with some rust streaks. Then the problem arose. I don’t know what the Bantom bodies were made of. Steal? Do they rust? I’ve trolled the web and can find lots of old black and white photos. All the coloured images are new shiny restored Bantoms.
Excuse the colour. This is a freelance job that I’m experimenting a few techniques on. Body and seats just dry fitted.

Just a note on the kit. It’s an old Minart kit. Lots of flash. No real problems apart from a twist somewhere between the body and chassis. It may have been my build although I suspect there chassis has a warp in it that I didn’t notice before it was too late.

Steel for sure:
For searches like this, try to be specific about what you might need the search engine to filter down to e.g. “Bantam BRC Restoration”

The bodies and frame were all steel. Unless you are depicting a destroyed one, or one way after the war in civilian use, go easy on the rust. They were not used much and the WWII paint was pretty durable. Basically, they didn’t chip and rust like the current finishing trends.

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Thanks folks. I found a site that gave me all the details of the build. (But I didn’t bookmark it). At the point where the USA took over the build they increased the thickness of the ‘steel’ bodies.

I’m building a freelanced job simply because I’m experimenting with some new, to me, techniques.