Mini Art 39005 Polish Austin Car WIP

I took a break from building the vehicles for my 1/35 red dawn dio and started Mini Arts 39005 Polish Austin car. The kit is going together quite well my only complaint with it is all the detail you won’t get to see when it’s finished. Here’s what i have so far…


This is a very nice kit, so have fun!


  • dutik
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Nice work, even if you won’t see it.

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@dutik its a very nice kit indeed. I’ve enjoyed building it so far. The detail is impeccable on this kit but i was frustrated that i had to add some rivets. It’s not that i have to add them it’s that the rivets that they give in the kit are attached to the sprue tree in an awkward manner.

@petbat thank you, i think I’ll still give the under structure an oil wash but nothing to detailed. Unfortunately it’s detail that won’t be seen but at least the kit goes together in such a way that you don’t have to glue down the upper hull to the lower hull.

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Here’s a few pics from this week and a quick update. Had a few fitting issues with the upper hull but so far so good. I’ve painted the driving compartments with black primer from ammo Mig and will do an algae green for the final interior color.


Here’s a few progress pics

Interior was done with Algea Green from AK-interactive, steel from Vallejo air and Ammo Mig white. The chairs were painted with ammo migs burnt umber, and red leather from the flesh paint set and then a light coat of vallejo black camo.

Interior was sealed with ammo Mig varnish. I applied a burnt umber filter/wash using oil paints mixed with lighter fluid.

Now doing shadow and highlight painting started with a base coat of grey followed with black to outline all areas that’ll be shadowed/darkened.