Mini-art Soviet Tank Riders

Would this set be appropriate for Berlin 1945



i would avoid using these OOB- the second figure from the left has boots with gaiters which were characteristic for early stages of the war - that would need to be changed. The other thing i would do is to add some clothes - it was cold, so a raincape or rolled coat would do the trick (look at Tamiya figures, you’ll get the idea or second figure from the right)

Somebody else also recommended the Tamiya set I will go with them.


Would either of these work? Zvezda (3544) ‘Soviet Tank Infantry’

Dragon (6197) ‘Soviet Infantry Tank Riders’

Dragon (6197) Soviet Infantry Tank Riders.jpg


Those were the other two recommendations I got, I like that Dragon set,I had used them on a previous build.

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While maybe not common, you can still find photos of Soviet soldiers wearing gaiters during the Battle of Berlin;