Miniarm: Wheel Sets | Armorama™

Available from Miniart are wheel set upgrades for various Russian and Soviet vehicles, all in 1/35 scale.

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So these are CAD Drawings and they look great. I presume that the final product will be in plastic, so I wonder how it will translated in this form. I look forward to shots of the real product.

Isn’t Miniarm a resin detail maker?

You’re right. I was thinking Mini-Art. They do the tracks and wheels for t-55 and 62, wheels for the Zis-5, so I thought they were expanding that line. Yea, Miniarm is resin, so yea… done deal if I’m doing any of those projects.

This is great news! Some of the KV-1 wheels are not even mentioned in Neil Stokes’ book. What I’m still missing is a replacement set for the front idler wheel and mechanism for adjusting the track tension. In the Trumpeter kit the parts are not movable, although they tell you not to apply glue on certain parts - after they’re in place on the vehicle nothing is free to move. And on the new Tamiya kits we have the issue of undersized idler wheels.