MiniArt 35436 G-518 US 1t Cargo Trailer Ben Hur | Armorama™

New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1/35 scale #35436 G-518 US 1t Cargo Trailer "Ben Hur"

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… and buildable in different configurations …

Did the Navy version really sport white wall tires ?

Now if somebody will come out with the armored ammunition trailers towed by US wading tanks on D-Day and by US M7 & M8 HMCs for much of the war.

TMD, yes they are back, has excellent resin kits of the M8 and M10 ammo trailers.

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A Ben Hur in plastic is long overdue (by decades) but still we are very glad it is finally here! (I already have an advance order in at Scale Reproductions in Louisville for the radio truck with BH trailer and generator!)

Would have been nice if they gave you the tarp that is in the radio truck kit. TMD M8 and M10 are nice but oversized a bit