MiniArt Austin Wingnut wanted!

Hi Folks,

During the crash of the bookshelf on my MiniArt Austin armored car, I lost several parts.

Most of them I can cover up by closing the motor compartment, but 1 I really want. It is one of the wingnuts that helps in keeping the front hatch open. I tried getting the Bronco wingnuts (German, since these seem to do the trick) but these are nowhere to be found. Does anyone have either the MiniArt part (Ck15) or a Bronco wingnut… ?

I think I have some wing nuts left over from my bronco archer build. Can check in a few hours!

Probably not exactly what you are looking for

That would be great… it is a visible part that is missing…

Would these do?

They certainly will! PM me so I can give you my address…

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Message sent!

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I think I have lots of PE ones from various unused sets … They may be ok if Meads dont work out ?

They will be send by snail mail from the USA , so it will be some time before I can confirm if they work or not… Thanks for the offer!

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