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New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1/35 #35654 Bookshelves

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Shelving from Miniart

Those shelves could probably be used in a workshop diorama as well

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Definitely build a diorama of one my friend’s armor reference library. However, you’d need two sets to have enough shelving for his Armor Library of Congress.


Or, take a photo of every one of your kit box ends, print them in 1/35, and build a dio of your stash…


Hmmm, this gives me an idea: maybe I can just throw a tarp over it…

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I have the box store tubular shelves to hold my stash. Dang it Matt, stop distracting me with other vignette ideas.

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It’s Miniart….and the metal workshop shelves will be next month* to go with their other workshop sets.

They will have divots for the holes and the real manics among us can drill those out or wait for a PE set from someone like Voyager.

*That is just a guess of a future release, I have no information.


Thanks for spotting that typo.
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I have corrected it

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I dunno. These look exactly like their tool worshop set i used a couple of years ago… just more of them but with books and not oil cans. Still, it was good stuff but obviously retooled as a new product. Was good as I recall as i used the two it did come with in a dio of a bombed out factory.

Definitely getting one or two of this kit

Maybe it is

Kit contains models of Bookshelves with Books

The only downer I can see so far is the absence of decals

…which will be multi part where each angle needs to be made from two flat plates attached in the v shape, and each segment will only be as long as the distance between shelves, so you will need to make 16 separate assemblies and have 4 attached together to make one continuous length. The shelf supports will also be multi part pieces… :clown_face:


And just you wait until IKEA shelves are replicated! :screwdriver: :hammer_and_wrench: :hammer: :cry:

—mike :grin: