MiniArt British Tank Crew. Special Edition | Armorama™

New MiniArt kit is coming out soon: Kit #35332, Special Edition of British Tank Crew.

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The figures look good on the box, cant get enough 'tanker’s. I don’t see any SMG’s i.e. Thompson’s or sten guns anywhere. Very interesting addition of a Lee Enfield sniper rifle though. I suppose it would come in handy for ‘bagging’ some game for dinner. Those ‘tanker’s’
loved their Sunday roast beef.

I have the original set and they are quite nice.

I have to query the relevance of the extras though. Loose pistols where there are no empty holsters and so many? Sniper rifle? If Miniart wanted to make this special, it would probably be better if they had alternate body parts for the figures. The set is somewhat limited with the one climbing the glacis of the Sherman and the one with the clipboard - how many times can you use the figures on different dios? Different arms and legs and maybe a set of different heads as the extras would be my definition of ‘Special edition’ and give this set more potential for multiple purchases.