MiniArt German Soldiers With Fuel Drums. Special Edition | Armorama™

New MiniArt kit is coming soon, 1/35 #35366 German Soldiers With Fuel Drums. Special Edition

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Okay, I’ll bite…what makes this a “Special Edition”? Just the fact that MiniArt is rereleasing it?
I don’t see anything extra that wasn’t included in the original release.
I love MiniArt stuff, just curious what makes this ‘special’


This one includes six additional and more detailed drums (original had only two):

And it has one figure less than the previous special edition 35366 (the one in the middle):

I wish they would’ve added resin heads in this. The heads are the old ones that are all the same. That’s the only issue with this kit.

Which makes sense I suppose. Perhaps he was supposed to be the driver, but I can’t see a soldier lounging around while the Spiess is there!

Typical! I have the same set, which came with the MiniArt Gondola, and that has the same number of figs and drums…

Ah! That answers my question. Thank you.
I guess I wasn’t aware of the content of the original offering… my mistake.