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New Miniart Kit Is Coming Soon, 1/35 #35377 German Tank Riders Set 2

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Faces and uniform fronts for all of the figures are turned away from the camara? What are they trying to hide? I wanted to know if that top figure had the same window licking crayon eating expression as his box art.

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MiniArt figures are hit or miss for me. One box will have great figures with sharp details and little to no flash. The next box will be flashy, and the body pieces look like lumps of plastic, with slight, soft moldings on them. It also does not seem to be a matter of older kits, or newer kits as I have seen both examples in each.

They look like a moody boy-band, being told to look tough and thoughtful for the camera!

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I agree. Their quality seems to have gone down over the years. I have some sets purchased years ago and they were more consistent then. Their modern US Army tank figures are a good example of how bad they are lol.