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Dear Modellers, we would like to introduce the MiniArt Models Catalog 2022

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Apart from the figures (some of which, like the Coffee line is very nice) there are not really any “new” kits in 1/35, mostly different versions of the already launched ones. (Not a complaint, just a statement.) What surprised me is that the G71XX line isn’t expanded, though it is possible that there will be surprise kits during the year.

The P-47D - wow, I didn’t see this coming but made me very, very happy. Especially that like Eduard, they’re also planning to launch a “fast build” and a detailed version, then you can decide which one you pick.

If I’m correct, the whole 1:24 line of tractors is also new. Although the 1:35 line was already there…

I’m loving the Café collection figure sets as well as the new civilian figure range (the bakers, butchers and cheese delivery ones look especially useful :heart_eyes:). Kudos to MiniArt for planning to release these kits :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:! Cheers!

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I give Miniart the Gold Medal in innovation for their figure and accessory kits. They come out with items I never even thought of that complete a scene or vehicle so easily, and really dress it out, at a fraction of the cost of resin sets.


I don’t really have the history with them, but when they release these do they usually give a good overview of everything they are going to do in the year. I’m not really clear, but I thought the panzer ivs were a surprise when they started coming out this year, but did they announce those at the end of last year?

And agree with SSGToms about the figures. I need more of their figures.

We may see some surprise items. I believe the T54 and T55 Transmission sets were a total surprise last year and not in their 2020/2021 catalogs.