MiniArt plans

Has anyone heard from our friends at MiniArt? The news is getting scary!
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I’m betting being in Kiev, it’s going to get difficult if not downright deadly. Other than that, I haven’t heard (read) anything…but then again, maybe it’s not quite the right moment. I’m sure however, that production will eventually be affected.

Sucks - they have been through a lot .
Makes you appreciate what we have .

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Listening to radio broadcast, as well as watching TV for news, I get from what has been said so far (6am, Eastern Standard Time) is that the city of Kiev has come to a grinding halt. Evacs and refugee status is already the norm…most heading westerly. Shops/businesses/factories are closing by the hundreds (if they even opened). There is a run on banks/food stores/gas stations (some reports have crude oil spot prices already over $100 a barrel). I have to assume that MiniArt (and other model companies) has cease/suspended production.

Saw this on Ebay today,i have been waiting for this and it is a good price,but something tells me I probably wont see it for awhile if I ordered it.

Yeah, if it’s not already on hand now in a shop outside of Ukraine, I doubt that it will be available. I think most everyone outside of the rebel zones has personal survival ahead of any business on the top of their “things to do” list.

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Well I just ordered 2 MiniArt kits from my local supplier. Not that it will help MiniArt now but it’s a token gesture.

Don’t be surprised if next year we see ICM, Master Box, Mini Art, and other Ukrainian based brand kits released in Zvezda boxings… :face_with_raised_eyebrow: