MiniArt Serbian T55A

Finished this right before AMPS Nationals and was lucky enough to get a gold for it. More damaged, worn and dirty then my usual builds but this was an operational vehicle so there was little time for cosmetic maintenance. OOB but I did replace the kit barrel with a metal one and the kit tracks with MasterClub links. Painted with Tamiya acrylics using an AZTEK AB. Hard to tell but there are a number of brown and black camo blobs that were hand painted but got faded out by subsequent weathering. You might be able to make some of them out on the barrel. Mud is Mig mud with grass. Dusted with AB and pigments. Kit decals went on very nicely. Slogan on the turret box says Four Musketeers, on the glacis roughly Only Serbs can free Serbia.

Thanks for looking. Questions and comments welcomed.


Looks great. Nice finish and weathering.

Thanks Gino.

I agree, weathering is superb

Beautiful!! Has a lLovely worn from use look to it :heart_eyes:

Another great job. You nailed the finish on it and I like the colour contrast with the hull and turret designs :+1:

Looks great, both T-55s you posted are very nice. :+1: :+1:

Thanks all.

Great model! One of my sooner projects, thanks for sharring it, it’s the first time i see this decals option built.

Very nice model.

Well deserved medal!

I was looking to see if smoke was pouring out the back…it’s that realistic!
Congrats on Gold. Well deserved.

Really nice!! What category did you enter it in?

Modern if I remember correctly. Thanks.

Just trying to look at the competition. It’s not showing up in the AMPS Nationals winner list in cats 4 and 5. Maybe contact them? Or am I looking in the wrong spot?

IV - Closed Top Tracked Armor 1946-1990 (based on markings) Advanced. None of the photos are up yet. Reg #048B

They have the list up, regardless of photos and I don’t see a Serbian T-55.

It’s listed as T55A Czech Production Yugoslavia 1990

Great. Thanks.

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