MiniArt Soviet Officers at Field Briefing. Special Edition | Armorama™

New MiniArt kit is coming out soon, 1/35 #35365 Soviet Officers at Field Briefing. Special Edition

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Woo-Hoo & Yee-Haw!
Now it will be possible to build a diorama with a German and a Soviet pointing fingers at each other.
Possibly both pointing at a figure of Adolf H, in that case the diorama would be named:
“It’s all HIS fault!”

Another option is pointing Ivan pointing at the street clock, in the other set from Miniart see
MiniArt Street Accessories with Lamps & Clocks | Armorama™ ,
and comrade Sascha checking his watch

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Strange – thirteen years later they throw in a sheet of maps and call it a Special Edition? That ship sailed a long time ago – so long ago I don’t remember making my own but must have done, no doubt others did too. I hope this isn’t a sign MiniArt’s running out of great ideas or cash-flow, but just moving old stock…?