Miniart SU122-54 Tracks

can anyone suggest which alternative tracks I should use on this Kit. I’m not sure about the individual track links supplied with the kit and was looking at a alternative such as Fruil metal or resin but which ones would be best…

You need OMSH tracks for this kit, there are 3D printed, plastic, resin and metal aftermarket sets available.

Fiul is no ATL-01

Are you looking for pinned track specifically?


Thank you my friend I will look into this further depending on what is available and the cost but I have recently been looking at T-Rex and they do both the early and late OMSH type tracks, so I don’t suppose it matters that much which type to use but many thanks to your reply it is much appreciated as I have recently returned to modelling AFV’s and quite like the Miniart kits despite the part counts. kind regards Paul

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Hi Dan

Thank you for this I have just been looking at them they look great and no clean up! many thanks for your reply best wishes Paul

Glad to help and I think they make a good product.

Hi So sorry for not replying to your comment I’m still undecided at the moment have just started the kit tracks supplied but not sure whether to ditch these and go for aftermarket one’s such as T-rex or something similar… but with current health issues has prevented me from getting anywhere near my kit but the kit is finished apart from a few bits of etch. regards Paul

I bought the HB SU122-55 and went with T Rex tracks.