MiniArt Tempo A400 Lieferwagen. German 3-Wheel Delivery Van | Armorama™

New MiniArt Project is coming soon, 1/35 #35382 Tempo A400 Lieferwagen. German 3-Wheel Delivery Van

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Check the reflected city “skyline”

Bomber Command and/or the USAAF seems to have remodeled it …


Strange that all but the gray rail truck have this Easter egg added to the artists image. It would be an interesting graphic wrap to add to the truck.

Printed decal?
Trying to mask it seems like a path to the nearest lunatic asylum …

It looks as if the Reichsbahn version is painted with a matt paint (and it’s dirty) so there wouldn’t be much of reflections …

Yes, a decal would be the way to go.

Good point on the Reichsbahn, still doesn’t mean they couldn’t have added something.

Could it be that suggests the options less then correct? In other kits as I recall the post vehicles are a yellow crème color almost like the Red Cross cover artwork. It’s all outside my wheel house but looks interesting.

Before the Weimar republic the colours weren’t organised.
During the Weimar republic they went ‘all in’ with yellow.
In 1933 the Nazis ordered that red was the correct colour (bring out the spray guns)
and then in 1946 the Allies said that yellow (honey yellow, looks a bit cream yellow) was the colour to use (don’t want anything Nazi-painted sticking around) and yellow is such a good signal colour anyway.
Changed to rapeseed yellow later

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