Mius Front 1943 (Totenkopf Kubelwagen)

Hi, some pictures with advance of my Kubelwagen in 1/35 scale.
Is the Dragon/Bego kit, old kit but is good. I used the photoetched parts included in the same kit, with wheels from the spare box (I believe for schimmwagen).
Driver is the old alpine figure with Hornet head; the second figure is a transformation with Tamiya and Dragon parts + Alpine head.
The next steps are complete the kubelwagen, add a new figure in the vehicle (a Panzer officer) and finally a little vignette for the vehicle and maybe another figure walking in the scene.

Thanks for watch and good modelling.


Looks good!
It will be interesting to see the finished vignette.

What did you “rumple” the wing with? Soldering iron?

Thanks Robin and Salekhard.

About the damage in the left side, I applied heat to the area and then pressed down with a screwdriver.

This was not free, because in the process I wrecked the shovel, but now is fixed. I hope put tomorrow or the weekend updated pictures.


Hi again.
One picture with a little advance, the shovel is fixed and I’m starting with the vignette.


Great start so far, thanks for sharing!
Dave :slightly_smiling_face: