Mobile crane pictures

Hello everyone!

I took some pictures of this mobile crane while it was parked at a parking lot over a weekend. I tried to take close-up pictures of details on the crane, in the event anyone might build a model of a crane like this, and would want to see some details. Hope you enjoy!



Thanks for taking the trouble, Tim, that’s a nice set of pics.

No problem, Graeme! It’s nice to get up close on big machines. For these kinds of cranes, I really like the cab forward and below the centerline-of-the-wheels design.



Thank you for sharing and uploading your pictures. Excellent and detailed ref shots

Glad I could do it. I try to get close-up pics of details for reference - that kind of stuff isn’t always obvious in a kit, and if anyone wants to scratch build such a vehicle, these pics can provide insight into details.

Thanks for taking a look!


These are great pics! especially for those of us “weathering nuts”


Glad you like the pics, Nick. I’ve noticed that the crane is parked in the same place again (or, still), so maybe this weekend I might go over to where it is parked and take some more pics. Stay tuned!


I’ve noticed that the crane hasn’t been parked in the parking lot the past week, so unfortunately, no new photos :frowning_face: