Model Air

What are the correct colors for WW2 German camo on tanks? Thanks.

I use 71.025 Dunkelgelb, 71.041 Rotbraun and 71.092 OlivgrĂĽn

Thanks. No thinning required for model air right?

Shouldn’t need it but I add a drop of flow improver (optional) and retarder for better results. Local temperature and humidity where your spraying can impact and require a little tweaking to work as desired as Vallejo can be a little temperamental but good once you work out the recipe for your area.

And I find Vallejo works better with a primer coat first. I don’t also use a primer with Tamiya but always with Vallejo.

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I would say it depends on the series… Some bottles benefit from the Flow Improver as Ryan says, other seem thicker and need some thinning, and the last one I bought sprayed beautifully right out of the bottle.

They also offer a prepacked German armor kit. Includes the above 3, panzer grey and their primer red and interior white if I remember correctly. Basically just about every color so you need minus say theater specific like AfrikaCorp. Great set, same cost as one at time bottles.