Model Shipwright site

'Evening All - does anyone know what’s wrong with the Model Shipwright page - I’ve been unable to open it for several days now. All I get is " This site can’t be reached".



Works here!

must be a local probelm I can open model shipwright without problem

It was offline for a day or two due to a change of domain name registrars and the lack of the correct DNS info once it moved. Should be good now though. Depending on your ISP it may take a while for them to refresh if they cache their DNS info.

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Thanks Jim - it’s back now. :grin:


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Yet they still haven’t invented a tool that would remove your head from your a$$…

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I am thinking this Lester account is some kind of AI bot. Some of their posts (all 4 of them) make zero sense. I am guessing they plan to try to post something link enabled at some point but they want to make it seem like it’s an actual person before doing that.

@Lester ?


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I’m no expert on the ways of the internet but it does seem “Lester” is, indeed, some form of automaton and probably one with unfriendly intentions (is there any other sort?). I was unaware of the other posts but have had a quick look since you mentioned them. The first two merely parrot a prior post from the originator of of the Alsacast Troop thread while the third is, I believe, a randomly generated word-string as you indicated. The intention is perhaps to generate a response of some sort (in which case it’s a trap I’ve walked into) and thereby establish whether the poster or group is sufficiently active to warrant further action of some sort. The resurrection of a long-dormant thread would fit with that. My first reaction to the post is that it was an off-topic marketing post, hence the nature of my response. I must apologise for that and any other posts of a similar nature of late, I’m afraid my participation in the “Calling out a know-it-all on Facebook” thread has awoken an old “Usenet Evil Twin” version of myself although this isn’t too distant from my actual persona. I lack the filter between brain and mouth which stops me responding with what I believe to be humour but is just another aspect of my autism-impaired social interactions.